Hero dog saves family, students get a bark of confidence, and more

This week in pet news we’re reminded of the positive and inspiring impact our pets can have on our lives from calming our nerves to saving our lives. Go home and give your dog some extra love today, but see #3 before you decide to give them a bear hug.

1.Capone, a 2.5 year old minipin, chihuahua, whippet mix in Des Moines saved his family, including 9 children, from a house fire this week. Capone woke the Fullmer family around 2 am on Wednesday alerting them to a electrical fire before the fire alarm even went off. The whole family and Capone escaped unharmed.

2.Forget practicing for your next speech in front of a mirror. American University’s Kogod School of Business has a better approach to build confidence in public speaking. The school gives students the opportunity to practice speaking in front of a live audience of dogs!

3.Dogs may not like getting hugged. It’s probably not the first time you’ve heard this. Business Insider got the scoop this week from dog behavioralists. To this we have two comments, 1) Has anyone considered whether kids like when their parents hug them? No, they just have to deal. 2) It’s either a hug or a big slobbery kiss on the lips. We’re cool with either.

That’s your weekly pet news. Until next week.